The Detroiter's own Arts Editor, Nick Sousanis, makes a mark of a different kind via the latest edition of the Lemberg Gallery's Billboard Project.
Nice one Nick!

Below are some comments from the artist.
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In time for spring, the billboard is about change. The imagery changes as drivers pass by it. The initial image of an assembly line/freeway of people disappears to be replaced by a brightly colored leaping figure.

Why 2 images in 1?
Change of state – motion and metamorphosis – a transformation.

Movies achieve change through a succession of frames over TIME. In sequential art, (i.e. comic books) change occurs between frames separated by SPACE. But on a billboard? The solution = SPACE + TIME. Make use of the fact that people are driving by to transform the image.

Detroit geography advantageous – spokes on a grid. 60º intersections make illusion possible. Initial image persists until finally right alongside it 2ndary image appears in a flash of color and just as quickly disappears from view.

Primary visual is of human assembly lines/human expressways – sleepwalkers. This imagery is prevalent throughout history from Giovanni Piranesi’s 18th century prison-scapes to endless fields of sleeping humans in The Matrix films to the Borg of Star Trek, in which the human is fully subsumed by the machine, possessing a single mind and no capacity for individual thought.

Henry Ford had this to say of his workers: “They want to be led…” and furthermore the average worker “wants a job in which he does not have to think.”

I reject this viewpoint. We are complex, beautiful creatures – this must not be forgotten. The second image stands in contrast to the first: bright, in motion, alive. Potential energy made kinetic. An expression of joy – a glimmer of possibility often obscured.

Can art awaken something dormant within us?

Nick Sousanis - April 2004

The billboard is installed at the SW corner of Woodward and Maplehurst in Ferndale, approximately at 9 1/2 mile.
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