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"I'd read more if I only had the time." It's a common complaint. People find brief moments for such escapes on rainy Sundays or perhaps a quiet vacation. For Eric Novack, author of "Killing Molly" and founder of Elitist Publications, that free time came in the form of house arrest, in circumstances quite resembling the protagonist of his novel. (For the review of his book, click here.)

Novack's involuntary confinement ended up enabling him to find freedom, in the form of literature. A devout non-reader at the age of 26 in 2001, restricted to his parents' home and unable to really go anywhere, he picked up and read his first novel, Michael Crichton's "Timeline." His second book, John Grisham's "Brethren" exposed him to the idea of the anti-hero. These first courses produced a great hunger in him, as he began devouring literally every book he could get his hands on, finding kinship in the "social satire" works of Hemingway and Fitzgerald.

Novack's love of reading eventually led to writing out story ideas of his own. His own experiences coming from a working class background and falling into the rush of drug culture served as a foundation for his first forays into literature. In the spring of 2003 he went beyond fragments of stories, and completed a full novel - "Killing Molly." With a great deal of encouragement from friends and family, Novack began thinking that this was something that could be published. And so with some assistance in editing, he went through the whole process of submitting manuscripts to potential publishers.

However, as someone who was rushing headlong into the world of literature, he really had no interest in waiting around for responses. Instead he lost no time and went about just doing it himself. To further that end, he assembled a team of editors and publicists, and with their help started his own press - which he dubbed Elitist Publications. (The name comes from the group of characters in his book, which is itself a tongue in cheek reference to the name he gave to his actual group of friends and how they perceived themselves.) The press' first task was to get "Killing Molly" in print and distribute it.

Their next mission is to bring together other Detroit area authors with the release of an anthology. They are looking for unpublished prose, creative non-fiction, poetry and one act plays. As the press grows, expect to see further books from local authors as well as its founder, Novack himself.

Elitist Publications is a welcome new face on the literary scene. It represents the opportunity for Detroiters to have a voice, and like Novack, discover freedom through the power of literature. - Nick Sousanis

To submit a manuscript for the anthology, send to:

Elitist Publications
869 Longfellow
Detroit, Michigan 48202

Please include a telephone number or address, so we may contact you.
Manuscripts containing more than 2500 words will not be accepted.

Metro Detroit residence only please.
More info at http://www.elitistpublications.com/

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