radio February 2004.
All Detroit. All the time!

This Metro Detroit musician is seen here in a recording studio, just before the 'mania began and long before his MTV breakthrough video. To this day he continues to have a loyal following of fans who appreciate his clever craft as a singer songwriter.
Can you identify this man?

Welcome to another episode of's NetWaves.
We've just added another lunch-box full of Detroit-centric music to the radio. So turn up your volume, click on the radio and dig in! The sounds of Your City await you!
This month's updated playlist includes new additions like "Rubberband Man" by The Spinners, "Got Some Teeth" by Eminem's label mate Obie Trice, plus some tasty new cuts from Audra Kubat's latest release "Million Year Old Sand." (Michigan's own Times Beach Records baby, reprezizzent!)

Motor City trainspotters rejoice!
This month we begin what could possibly be a recurring feature here at
"Who da Man?"....aka "Name that dude." ...aka "Who's that girl?"
aka, errrr....well, y'all get the idea.
We will feature photos of Metro Detroit celebs (or psudo-celebs) from either their pre or post fame era. Can you name them? Each month one lucky winner will be selected at random from all correct entries. (One guess per email address please) Click on the "Who da Man" pic above to enter.
It's just that easy.
Hey you!...Help!
We are looking for more ultra rare pics! (even kinda rare will do) Musicians, politicians, actors, authors, artists, atheletes, athiests, you name it.
Do have a photo of Ted Nugent, from back in Jr. High when he was part of that Modern Dance Troupe? Then we want to see it!
Do you have a recent photo of Bill Bonds appearing in the Livonia Elks Club's version of Riverdance? Really? Wow! Send it in!
Do you have an early photo of of Carmen Harlan from back when she was a he? Harlan Carmen? Well, hell yeah, we REALLY want to see that!
Alright...Stop, Drop, Kabooom baby - I'ma kidding of course.
It may, no doubt, bring many of you joy to Photoshop a tutu onto Mr. Nugent or scribble a goatee onto Ms. Harlen's lovely face...but those aren't quite the sort of photos we are looking for. Sorry. But if you do have a genuine, rare photo of a Motor City celeb, in either a "Where they were then" or "Where are they now" phase:
PLEEEEEEEEASE email them to:

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening!
-T. Onyx

* Editor's Note - anyone still holding any photos of Tommy Onyx from back when he had those gawd awful 'Milli Vanilli braid extensions' are cordially invited to burn them!
And yes, we know; of course he's not a 'celebrity.'......but burn them nonetheless.
burn them, burn them, burn them!!!
Thank you.

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Technical info:
As you can see we've chosen the familiar look of an old DELCO car radio.
Our virtual radio operates in much the same way. Each push button selects a different station. The left and right knobs control power and volume respectively. Additionally, once the radio is playing, the left knob will function as a track skip control. The radio will 'stream' the songs to your computer. What this means is that you will not have to wait for the entire song to download to your computer before it begins playback. Generally the songs will begin to play after approximately 40% of the material has 'buffered,' or reached your computer. Those of you accessing us over a cable modem or DSL line will find playback to be practically instantaneous. If you are visiting us via a dial up connection the songs may take a minute or so before they being playing. The good news is that most computers will 'cache' the song into a special folder on your computer so that the next time you access that particular song from our radio, playback should begin immediately.
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