Awakening Slave
by Matthew Olzmann

Notice how the marble never lets go,
the way a man pulls
from the stone, only to recede
back into the block.
The abdomen is a naked arc.
The face refuses definition.
Each limb is a swallowed promise.

Imagine the way
a man might thrash,
as his spirit tried to force
entry into the physical.
Imagine his panic
as the air grew more
and more dense.

Maybe this is how Adam felt,
an impatient masterpiece,
craving the chisel,
the artist's hand.


as he waited for God's benevolent breath
his lips became the slightest line.

Matthew Olzmann is a Detroit-based Poet.

He was a featured performer at's first Evening of Poetry on March 24 from 7-9pm at Cafe de Troit.
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