Stanza Room Only's inaugural poetry event a smashing success!


An overflowing crowd packed Cafe de Troit to check out's first poetry reading. Attendees sat smushed together on the floor, packed in the corridors, and outside in the hallways to hear Robert Fanning, Christina Kallery, Michael Jennings, and Matthew Olzmann read selections from their own work, and special poems from some of their favorite writers. The poets engaged the crowd with readings that included philosophical musings, irreverent humor, social commentary and quiet reflection. Crowded or not, the performers kept everyone tuned in to the last words, a poem by Taylor Mali was emphatically read by Olzmann.

If you missed it, here's a few pics of our performers in action, and a little bit of the crowd. Stay tuned to this space for more words from these poets and news of when the next poetry reading will be held!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and Matthew, Michael, Robert, and Christina for a great experience.


© 2002