Welcome to the first issue of thedetroiter.com - a monthly web 'zine dedicated to the people who work live and play in the city of Detroit.

The site was originally conceived of as an archive of John's reviews from the past seven theater seasons. But as the site developed, its mission broadened: there were other aspects of Detroit culture that deserved attention - art, music, food, even the everyday experiences of life in Michigan's biggest city.

What began as a web page about theater in Detroit soon became a site dedicated to the city itself. And what better time to launch that site than now? With new retail, office and residential construction; a growing downtown loft and condo population; a resurgent theater district and lively gallery scene; two new stadiums, the return of the Lions, and even the presence of three casinos, Motown is more vibrant than it has been in decades.

But the healthier a city gets, the more its people need to ask of it. We see thedetroiter.com as a Critical Celebration of Detroit - an exploration of the things we love and hate about the city we call home.

Here's a quick look at what you can expect in the weeks to come.

detroit diary: the editors' journal about daily life in the city.

top story: profiles of influential detroiters, discussions of important issues, and feature stories about the city.

the theater section: home to a monthly theater story as well as a regularly updated database of current reviews, artist profiles and a searchable archive of reviews from past seasons.

the arts section: like the theater section, offers up a monthly feature story as well as regularly updated reviews and artist profiles.

what's up downtown?: A look at what's happening in the city - the section features a monthly pick, as well as weekly highlights and links to some of Detroit's best websites.

backpage: images of Detroit provided by area artists.

who is the detroiter?:
We are. And so are you. Meet the contributors. Hear them speak. See them move!

letters to the editor: Become a part of thedetroiter.com community. Post your comments, impersonate a famous detroiter, have your say.

We hope you'll join us as we go about unearthing a great American city, one issue at a time.