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December's Selections:

The November issue of LIT section isn't even up on the web site yet, and yet here I sit readying the December issue. Why you ask? Well…I was sitting in my study minding my own business when I felt someone or something watching me. I looked around the room, but didn't see anyone or anything for that matter. But then out of the corner of my eye I saw a stack of submissions eyeballing me. I don't know what compelled me to return the stare…but I'm pleased with what I found. - Eric Novack, Editor

I, Lilith by Rob McCabe

Big City Girl by Michael Dunwoody

Smoke Rings by Marc Dones

Multi-Purpose Room by Elizabeth Witte

About the Authors

Rob McCabe is a professional storyteller and performer. He possesses a background in theatre and was at one time a youth services librarian before embarking on his exciting career as a fulltime storyteller. Mr. McCabe loves folktales, fairy tales, world mythology, mysteries, and ghost and horror stories.

Michael Dunwoody, former high school English curricular chairman. Adjunct professor of creative writing at the University of Windsor for ten years. Won an Author's Award for short fiction in 1987. Published in various small literary magazines in Canada and the U.S. Currently Michael is working on a suite of poems about Detroit.

Marc Dones forgot to send us a bio, but that doesn't hinder his work in the least. We (the Elitists) have been sitting on his poetry for sometime now and we are pleased that we can finally share it with Detroit. If you're ever up in Birmingham in need of a coffee fix, stop at Java Hutt because you'll probably have a chance to meet this talented young writer.

Elizabeth Witte was born and raised in Missouri where she enjoyed collecting broken dishes by the creek and exploring rusted out cars left behind after a tornado many years before she was born. She now resides in Detroit where she works at the Metro Times. She is co-editor of the Yellow Elephant (now on hiatus) and has been published in several literary journals including the RC Review, Bombay Gin, and The Stolen Purse. She greatly dislikes some things. She thoroughly enjoys that which she enjoys.

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