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February's Selections:

The funny thing about literature is that not everyone agrees on what's "good" and what's not. Literature, like music, is broadly diverse in style and content. With that being said, I recruited some help to judge this month's lit section: Michael Dunwoody, a retired adjunct creative writing teacher from the University of Windsor and Ann Miceli, a writer and new contributor to thedetroiter.com team. With our considerably different likes and dislikes, the three of us went through over a hundred submissions to finally agree upon the four you see here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy thedetroiter.com..lit section's most talked about issue to date. - Eric Novack, Editor

Daughter of Detroit by Sherrill Alesiak

The Massive Retreat by Sarolina Shen Chang

Graffiti by Ed Haworth Hoeppner

Untitled (Love...) by Pryncess r.w. Stylez

About the Authors

Sherrill Alesiak spent fourteen years writing ads for pet food, tires, fiber optics, and so on. Now she writes what she would call "…zaps of me, splashing my own work with that tyrannical red pen." Her poetry, fiction, photos, and travel articles have appeared in many publications such as the Alligator Juniper, The MacGuffin, Princeton Arts Review, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, and 21st Century Newspapers.

Sarolina Shen Chang has been writing short stories, essays, and poems in Chinese for over a decade. An anthology of short-short fiction was published in 1993, which contained forty-one of the one hundred short-short fiction pieces that she had written and published. Since she has been writing in English she has been published in the Wayne Literary Review, The Cortland Review, The White Crow, The MacGuffin, The Poetry Tribe Review Anthology, and Rose City Poetry.

Ed Haworth Hoeppner started teaching creative writing and literature at Oakland University in 1988. Ed has been published in well over a hundred different literary magazine and reviews (Crazy Horse, Denver Cordially, Colorado Review etc..etc..etc..) His first book of poems Rain through High Windows was published by New Issues in 2004.

Pryncess Red Warrior Stylez is a Detroit native and creator of many things visual, musical, and literary. Her visual works include chainsaw cut paintings! You can check out Pryncess' newest artworks at the Johansen Charles Gallery this March 2005. (Located at 1345 Division in the Eastern Market.)

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