Tales from Car Nation:

Stuck in Traffic?

Christian Tedeschi and a Frozen Car



This seems like one heck of an excuse for being late to work!

Honestly, when sculptor Christian Tedeschi forwarded these pictures our way, we didn't know if this was just one of those things that happens in Detroit, or another of Tedeschi's sculptural projects. Recently, Tedeschi has been creating a unique body of work in which he coats everyday objects in diverse materials rendering them at times unrecognizable. Through the simple application of tar and feathers, silicons, the ordinary is transformed into the enigmatic. Whether this particular piece was his handiwork or just a fortuitous discovery, only Tedeschi knows for sure.

Tedeschi is currently exhibiting in "The Other Auto Show" at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (www.caidonline.org.) This piece seemed like a perfect tie-in to the work in that show and our own series of stories on the automobile and transit in Detroit. (Wednesday, February 23 @ 7pm, CAID is holding a forum on transit in Detroit, for more info, check out our special events section here.

For more about Tedeschi's artwork, check his website at www.christiantedeschi.com.

Enjoy! -- And stay warm out there!




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