In the Blink of an Eye

Brandon M. Crupi



All of a sudden you are here.
You appear in the blink of an eye,
looking even more beautiful
than the first time my eyes met and danced with yours.

This must be Heaven and all that is good,
for I did not have to wait for you to appear.
There is no time here,
I have just arrived.
And I know you had a complete life,
yet you are here, in the blink of an eye.

Now my family and friends are here,
spreading joy through this timeless room
made of fluffy, white walls,
Soft as a mattress, we can lay on any wall.
Keep blinking, more of my loved ones will join us.

And you're gone, just like that,
In the blink of an eye.
An angel comes for me,
bringing me white pills of joy and happiness

Blink again,
and just like that,
evil is in my room to visit.
He comes in, the way he used to.
I remember Him from my life,
haunting my dreams.
I used to run from Him in my sleep.
Run away.

But there is no way to run.
I cannot move,
cannot leave this white room.
He comes closer.
Keep blinking.
Why won't you come back?
Why can't you take Him away?

This must not be Heaven,
for in Heaven there'd be no eyes to blink.

© 2002