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January's Selections:

I felt a little frisky this month, so I was really critical on choosing the content of this issue of thedetroiter.com…lit. In fact I was down right evil. I must have read fifty submissions this month and the only one's that caught my interest were aggressive in nature and content. I'm not actually sure where I got this "evil" impulse from, but when the lit section was all said and done I was pleased with what my darker half had chosen. And as always I'm sure your darker half will be thankful too. - Eric Novack, Editor

"In the Blink of an Eye" by Brandon M. Crupi

"Small Man on the Skeleton Crew
Down at Olympia Stadium" by John Jeffire

An excerpt from "the silent burning" by Ryan Bartek

About the Authors

Brandon M. Crupi surprisingly has never been published. Elitist Publications is pleased to be the first to de-flower the young lad. Brandon is currently a graduate student at Wayne State University.

John Jeffire was born in Detroit and still lives in the metro Detroit area with his wife, daughter, son, and two hyperactive Jack Russells. Recently, his story "Even Angels Have Their Angels" was a finalist in the 2005 Gival Press Short Story Competition and will be published in Gival's 2006 anthology. Two of his poems are also slotted to appear in the May 2005 English Journal. John has also had his work published in Parenting, Whiskey Island, America, South Coast Poetry Journal, The Peralta Press, Into the Teeth of the Wind. John is currently teaching English at Chippewa Valley High School.

Ryan Bartek writes a monthly column for the Real Detroit Weekly, he also is the new Music Editor for the Jam Rag (a monthly circular filled with great stories about local musicians and much, much more). Ryan also is up to his eye balls in movie and music projects on top of his writing. His first novel "the silent burning" (which he calls an "anti" novel) will be on the shelves later this month.

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