An Excerpt from "the silent burning"

Ryan Bartek



xxxxxxI've waited all this time for it to come out of your mouth: the abortion speech. I've heard it countless times before. It's become so fucking cliché. How your mother had the tears of Christ in her eyes as she drove you to the clinic. What those tools felt like inside of you. You wanted it gone- it would have destroyed your life. Now I hold you tighter, telling you its ok. How bad things happen to good people. You look so calm and safe pressed against my Varsity jacket. If only you could hear the torrent of hideous laughter inside of my head. Now I know that I can fuck you all I want and if I slip up I can pay you off and throw you away like the worthless piece of shit that you are. Stupid bitch, get on your knees-it's all your good for…

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