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June's Selections:
James Hart III

Detroit is filled with talented artists, poets, novelists and playwrights. But finding them is not the easiest. Since I began editing thedetroiter.com lit section, I have been picking most of our featured artists from submissions that arrived in our inbox. To procure this month's featured artist, we aggressively pursued reaching out to this talented young man. We hope you'll agree that our efforts were worth it. — Eric Novack, Editor

James Hart III (click for bio)

the blue-prints of upw rd

glass flower where the sunshine
lead you through
ghost woven un walls
near bluelike shape
breath strings in light shivers


the sunshine swept close
across itself in blue windows
left over left
unwoven into the space of the night birds song
lightly collapsing threads


carry a handful of grey ocean with me
to build the sky parts
the ladderesigh along the crossing road
and where the flowers white, blue at night
that clatter
silence into sun


glass dust sun
in silent shatter
after blue moonlit
washed faces
needle tears
children knelt
their mumble prayers
stitches in the shadow tongue sun
scattering ash

laced with gold-


the open in key
brings blue edge lightning
past itself.
door torn
down to beds
in sleep hung
the soft pattern


shiver toward light blade
whiteing mute threads
the blue expansion fields
collapse to grow open.
bring your children's eyes
to this withered body


across in the flower shadow
its blue and placeless to sleep
drapetwined by angel hands white
with mourning left images
ashes to night


quiet in ice sight spaceless
to site with
lifting toward itself,
speaks mute its color


washing white blades by moonlight
ask through the window
past blue
its placeless form
in the sky extension
a staircase in splinters of childhands
softly jut up
with the shimmer of bone
the softness of rain

in the blue flame the cold glass
that separation
white snowlike sun drapes
a childs face shapeless
in tears


a rain drop movement into glass
blue fragile ghostlit placed like sky fingers
with the eye ash of children
the space needed to separate bone from bone


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