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The Rattlesnake Club


Follow the continuing culinary adventures of our newest diner, the "eater extraordinaire" (thedetroiter.com contributor Leah Nora) as she explores Detroit's finest eateries (and perhaps a few not so fine ones). This time out it's the Rattlesnake Club. Watch this space for the next installment of wit and fine dining with Leah.

What can I say about the Rattlesnake Club that hasn't already been said before? Probably nothing, but in case you missed the hundreds of past reviews on the restaurant, here's one more…

Just east of the downtown area, Rattlesnake Club is tucked away on River Place (Joseph Campau Avenue), lending itself an excellent view of Canada just beyond the Detroit River. Despite the locale's lonely neighborhood, the inside of the restaurant is an amalgamation of classically inviting and freshly modern décor. The Rattlesnake refines the dining experience through its use of perfectly manicured little touches: excellent lighting, choice of bread course and artistic gastronomic presentation.

For an appetizer I ordered the crispy calamari and rock shrimp fry which I regret to say was probably the low point of the meal. IMAO*, the batter was much too severe for the delicate flavoring of the squid. The meal itself however, medium rare filet mignon on the char and asparagus spears, was delightful. The dish was expertly cooked and bursting with flavor, accompanied by Rattlesnake's characteristic assortment of tantalizing sauces.

Service is impeccable as well, making you feel comfortable, well taken care of, and as if you will be served a heavy fee at the end of the experience, which of course you will.

The menu has been often, and I believe accurately, described as contemporary American cuisine. Restaurants such as the Rattlesnake Club often remind me of how fortunate we are as Americans to be in this vast cultural melting pot for its ability to readily offer and manipulate all varieties of cultural fare, exposing us to a huge range of palatial (pun intended) stimulation.

Leah Nora, eater extraordinaire

*In My Arrogant Opinion, in case you didn't know….

Briefest Briefs about The Rattlesnake Club

300 Stroh River Place
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 567-4400

$50-70 per person

Hours of Operation:
Lunch: Monday - Friday: 11:30am - 4:30pm
Dinner: Monday - Thursday: 4:30pm - 10:00pm, Friday - Saturday: 5:30pm - 11:00pm

Leah's great-grandfather, grandfather, and her father have all been professional chefs. This history with cuisine is a curse in form of a discerning and knowledgeable palate. Her parents rue the day that they introduced her to Godiva instead of Whitman's; to escargot in lieu of fish sticks; to Camembert versus Kraft singles...life would have been so much more affordable. Some would call this culinary snobbery. It isn't... it's a damn curse.

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