The Birthday Gift

Matt Bell



xxxxxAs soon as Timmy unwrapped the giant book of mazes he forgot about all the other presents. Pencil in hand, he started the first maze before the candles on the cake had even stopped smoking.
xxxxxOver the following weeks, Timmy's skill increased rapidly, the mazes getting harder in kind with each turn of the page. He knew that this was what he had been made to do, that his ability to solve mazes was his purest talent.
xxxxxIt wasn't until halfway through the book that he first sensed it -- a black thing, horned and waiting for him, hungry among the mazes.
xxxxxFinally, one night Timmy awoke with the beast's roars loudly in his ears, its smell fresh in his nose. He went to the desk and began sharpening his pencil like a spear. When he reached that final, fateful page, he wanted to be ready.

The Elitists say: Wow! WOW! We originally didn't think much of Matt Bell's work, because we couldn't read it! What a waste it would have been to miss out on a story like this. Luckily Ann Micelli and Andrea Szabo are fluent in SANSCRIPT! Matt…I'd say you owe Ann and Andrea a little "Thank You."

© 2002