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March's Selections:
Oakland University Sudden fiction contest

Earlier this year I had the privilege of attending Dr. Annie Gilson's advanced creative writing class at Oakland University. During the final hour of the class, the students were given the opportunity to compete in a sudden fiction contest for The rules were simple; write a short story of 250 words or less by the end of class.

A week later when I had read all the submissions, I found myself in a difficult situation. All fourteen submissions or stories were noteworthy to say the least. I seriously thought about running them all, but that wouldn't be much of a contest now would it?! After careful consideration I finally narrowed it down to three. (The stories have not been edited; they appear here the same way they were presented to me) - Eric Novack, Editor

Nothing but the Naked Truth by Melissa Falb

Cold by Scott Contor

The Birthday Gift by Matt Bell


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