DETROIT: "The Greatest City in the World RIGHT NOW"

Jamie Sonderman
: "The Passenger" writer/director answers our Four Questions



Sonderman is the writer/ director of The Passenger, the first feature length film of the creative group Thought Collide. The Passenger is the fifth film endeavor for the award winning director. Sonderman, ever eager is discuss Detroit, took time out of his weekend shooting schedule to answer's famous four questions. (As told to Sarah Bristol.)

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Detroit is the greatest city in the world right now. It's a city for artists because it a blank canvas. Places like New York, L.A., London, you know what to expect. It's not like that here, with Detroit there is no expectation. It's a sleeping city about to wake up.


I have always loved movies. The medium requires a lot of people. I like that you have to enroll other people in your vision. I'm taking a big risk at life doing this. I look at life like survival - surviving. Getting up, going to work, paying your bills, and repeating that pattern. By making movies I get to live my life and provide that opportunity for others.


Booming metropolis! In 10 years it will be a booming metropolis, if not sooner. I think it will have a very urban downtown not a suburban feel. This will only happen if people don't focus on the past or the problems. The focus has to be on the "new city," right now.


I'm really excited about films in Detroit. There are great pockets of film makers, like a band we are all doing our own thing and that works. Michigan has the third largest film industry in the country, although most of it is industrial. We just need the creative people who have the balls to take a risk. The nature of the film industry is like any other business. You want to go where it is cheap and Detroit provides that opportunity. There is also a real opportunity for indie films because people are hungry for it. They are tired of just surviving.


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