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May's Selections:
Sudden fiction contest

I've been sitting on these submissions for some time now. Back in early February of this year held a sudden fiction contest during an Elitist Publications book signing. The rules were simple, write 250 words or less by the end of the signing, the piece could be any genre. The only problem we ran into with the contest is that none of the writers put a title on there submissions, so we made them up on our own. Here are the finalists, you will find we did not edit these pieces, they are exactly how they were presented to us. — Eric Novack, Editor

Untitled I or "I write Just the facts for Real Detroit Weekly"by Robert del Valle

Untitled II or "I also sing in a band called High Strung" by Josh Malerman

Untitled III or "I'm the one that spits in your coffee at Java Hutt" by Jon Parton

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