Electronic Music Festival
Returns to Hart Plaza!

Once again this Memorial Day Weekend, once again the Electronic Music Festival comes to Detroit. Along with that, folks from all over the world will make their annual pilgrimmage to our fair city - the mecca for Electronic Music.

This year our favorite webmaster Sumo has been hard at work building the site for this grand Detroit occasion. You're staff at thedetroiter.com has also been working away providing information and images about this city to help visitors and natives alike get around. Stop in to check out their site (www.fuse-indetroit.com) for artist info, event details, and more. Then get yourself downtown this weekend to groove to the best Electronic Music on the planet - only in Detroit.

For podcasting of the festival, check out MediaRica.com. Very cool!

Thanks to Jon M, Tom C, and Von T, for helping to put together this guide (much of which will come to live on thedetroiter.com proper along with other Detroiter resources in the near future.) - Nick (ws@thedetroiter.com)

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