And then there were six

By Kyle Kewalczyk



There were five of them, which is smaller than the pack they normally rode in. Five riders, three motorcycles and very little gas. They were running near empty, and there wasn't a non-electric gas station within miles, but they were too busy feeling the wind in their beards to worry about that.

Dressed all in black, buttonless shirts and straw hats, this was one group of Amish riders you wouldn't want to mess with, or even talk to, but moments later Ron Anderson did just that.

He saw the group broken down on the side of the road; he pulled over and got out, those were his first three mistakes, he shouldn't have even looked. But his biggest mistake was what he said next.

"Ahms on Harleys. Never thought I'd see that."

There was only silence. He tried to offer them gasoline, but it was too late, not that they would have expected his non-non-electric fuel anyway.

They spoke not a word. They only removed their hats, set down their Bibles and proceeded to drag him into the cornfield to give him a good churning.

That's when Ron did something that may have saved his life.

He started singing. It was an old Amish Traditional.

Then he did something that may have saved his soul. He pulled out a key. It was a key to a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

With tears streaming down his cheeks he said, "I've been looking for you everywhere."

The Elitists say:

Kyle's story was the first to be submitted during our contest. What impresses us most about the story is how imaginative it is. He created an alternate universe in our minds with in the first paragraph. We will be checking our mail box for more stories from this young author.

© 2002