Non Submission

By Hod Doering



You ask me to submit; I refuse. You demand. I again harder! What? OH?! This is supposed to be fiction….hmm…..

There was this bob, see. He simply hated to submit to tyranny in any form. Beaten daily by his parents, he refused to relent. His teachers downgraded him from business class to tourist. He defied authority, glorified his self.

He forgot his Name, forgot his self, left his identity in the corner booth of a 1957 small town wooden drug store.

No girl would re-date him, no woman would mate him. He had so many wondrous, awesome horror of living stories to tell. He spent his entire adult life writing, perfecting, editing, rejecting…..

But not a one was ever published because this bob life unit individualist absotively refused to submit!

The Elitists say:

We liked this. If you notice his use of slang was well placed. Each metaphor he used enhanced his story giving it description without the use of adjectives. We would not find it unpleasant if Hod submitted more of his work.

© 2002