Book fest

By David Stringer



here at the bookfest

under this September sun

while my murdered brothers

ashes wait on the bookshelf

but here I stroll

from booth to booth

savoring the papers the


while we are blown

up in Iraq and

the politicians say what

politicians always say

but here books invite

me with "Open me!

Take me, now, now!"

while schizophrenia works in

my genes along with

depression in my family plot

but here these book

people all my brothers

shuffle pause and finger


The Elitists say:

During the period between the 1940's and 1970's there was an abundance of stories and poetry that was philosophically tantalizing. We The Elitists have feared that the Beatnik Generation was lost. But thankfully Mr. Stringer has shown us that we were mistaken.

© 2002