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October's Selections:

"In the Bedroom" by Drea Szabo

"As Aspiration" by Thomas Lyman Lott

"Let's Bomb Iraq" by Wardell Montgomery Jr.

About the Authors

Drea Szabo divides her time between the study of literature at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and the marketing mayhem of the local cult classic Killing Molly. She has been published poetry and prose in the literary chapbook Now Here Nowhere and her work is currently being considered by The Yellow Elephant Literary Magazine. She lives in the Boston Edison District of Detroit.

Thomas Lyman Lott retired in the early 90's from Berry Moorman PC. He spent over 60 years with the law firm. Thomas was also a life long sailor, stories of his escapades can still be heard during random conversations at the Detroit Athletic Club and the Bay view Yacht Club. Unfortunately Thomas Lyman Lott is no longer with us; he passed away a few months ago. But his voice can still be heard.

Wardell Montgomery Jr. The "Urban Folk Poet" has maintained a journal of his writing since the 1950's. He has co-founded several poetry series, the longest being "Horizons in Poetry." His poems appear in several anthologies including "Abandon Automobile" and the "Wayne Literary Review."

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