The Art of Detroit

On Thursday, September 15th, a conversation with the Mayor was held at G.R. N'Namdi Gallery. It was a successful and promising dialogue that the folks behind the event feel can serve as a foundation for Detroit's continuing cultural revitalization.

But this was just the beginning.

In an effort to continue to connect and showcase the art community, has offered to host a place where information concerning similar conversations, activities, events, and updates can be found regularly. To that end watch this space for more about what's going on behind The Art of Detroit, created by the efforts of Izegbe N'Namdi and Monique Williams.

Stay tuned….

Nick Sousanis

We're looking for your input to keep this dialogue going, for now feel free to drop any comments to me at this address:

Izegbe and Monique would like to offer special thank yous to:

Sue Mosey, UCCA
Maureen Riley, UCCA
Mary Fleming
Dan McDougal

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