Committed to uncovering this great American city one issue at a time, was conceived as a Critical Celebration of Detroit. With monthly features and daily updates, explores theater, art, culture and everyday life in Michigan's biggest city. Become a part of community: Write a letter to the editor, impersonate a famous Detroiter, have your say!
John - editor has lived in downtown D-Town for 13 years - singing in a rock and roll band, writing and soaking up the Spirit of Detroit from an Eastern Market loft. After seven years of watching Detroit actors strut and fret for hours upon the stage, the longtime theater writer is pretty sure all that sound and fury signifies something.
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Nick - The Arts Editor and At-Large Contributor could be found for the last several years in the basement of Wayne State's Old Main - painting, writing and philosophizing. Nick recently moved into a proper Detroit apartment where he writes about whatever he considers art.
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Sumo -'s phat webmaster-
Scott -What's Up Downtown editor. Through a series of adventures as a reliable busboy, marginal chess player, reasonably helpful sales clerk, pretty good bowler, dedicated player of antique video games, less dedicated computer programmer, and intermittent student, Scott has become convinced that the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything might be a number...but definitely isn't 42.
Francis Grunow - city-beat columnist and parking lot hater. Since returning to Detroit after too many years in New York, the documentary filmmaker and trained city planner, co-founded Detroit Synergy [], a civic coalition of tenacious Detroiters. He also plays tennis, goes to
transit rallies and spends quality time with the object of his affection - his new niece.
Tommy Onyx - programming director for radio
Tommy is a veteran of Detroit's 'music export business' having spent the past ten years touring the world as music director for acts like Inner City, E Dancer, Static Revenger and Norma Jean Bell.
True Detroit trainspotters might even remember him from his bad hair / bad note days as keyboardist with a little rock band called "Charm Farm."
Music makers interested in having their material appear on radio or anyone with comments or suggestions regarding the playlist are invited to email him.
Autumn - Artist extraordinaire, CCS grad and former Shadow Box Caffé diva, the sculptor recently completed her masterpiece - 7 lb. 9 ounce Constantine Moon. (See December Top Story). 
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Scott Dillon - writer/newhomeowner/café patron. Spends his spare time 'wondering' the streets looking for the newest version of this inner city's
vibe. Takes potholes personally and tries never to become a partner in Detroit-itis crimes. Write him at:
Michelle Diggs - writer/new homeowner/recycler. Loves living in Mayberry with her two cats, dog and husband. She tries to keep out of Barney Fife's
hair and makes cookies like Aunt Bea. You can contact her at:
Blue - Former Vanity Fair contributor, Diana Ross plaything and international bad boy, Blue now calls the Motor City home. A bit of a technology neophyte, Blue currently does not have an email address.

Staff photographers Aaron Mertes and Christine Stamas are both CCS grads, active participants in the Detroit art scene and coincidentally enough married to each other! The newlyweds also own a dog named Blue (no relation to VF badboy above).

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