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December 12 & 13 from 7pm - mn

Michael Peychich; photography

"I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, however it was only about four years ago that I saw photography as a means of expression. Since then it has become a true passion in my life and a year ago, I chose to change the direction of my life and pursue it as an occupation.

Four years ago my wife suffered a massive stroke leaving her with permanent disabilities. This event forced us to look at the priorities in our lives and the direction we were going. She is without a doubt the most precious gift God has given me on this earth and I determined that we would not allow a stroke to destroy her quality of life. We try to spend as much time together as possible enjoying life. We have in that time gone on several mission trips working with the people of Oaxaca, Mexico as well as traveling around the United States. Through this, photography grew to more than just a pastime into a means of expressing the wonders of the beauty of nature and people all around us."


We are currently looking for artists and musicians and independent filmmakers hungry to share their works, and documentary filmmakers to film shows. Please contact Kay Woncharoentham at 586-838-0072 or Art Director Corianne Jensen at 734-925-3212 for an interview.

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