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SHOW DATES: Saturday,
September 30th,
from 7 - 10pm

SHOW: Ghost Gallery - Steven Miller Solo Exhibition The gallery closed, but the art remained


As art galleries close all around the state, Royal Oak artist, Steven Miller, collaborates with a local business, State Farm, to find new patrons…and new possibilities. Open now through September, State Farm is featuring a retrospective of Miller’s work titled “Ghost Gallery”. The State Farm is located in the previous home of the District Arts Gallery – in essence, the gallery is gone, but the art remained. The first of this two-part exhibit is open to the public (free of charge) from 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday, for the rest of this month. The show will re-open in September with the second installment – which will feature projected (or, ghosted, if you will) images of the work being made.

Miller’s paintings are self-described as “wanderlust.” Only this journey is through his mind. When faced with a blank canvas, Miller never knows where it’ll end up…but he knows it’ll go somewhere. Anywhere. He’s up for the
journey! And, when he looks back at a finished piece, he can always see snippets from where he was (at that particular time)…whether they are real, imagined or felt. With a background in design and art direction, Steven uses bold color and creative composition to help push these stories even farther.
And if you want a preview of this journey, feel free to visit Miller’s website,

State Farm - Formerly The District Arts Gallery
955 S. Eton St. Birmingham, 48009 248-647-4266