Artists Wanted : The Fusion Of Underground Art, Fashion, Music & Culture

Artists Wanted : The Fusion Of Underground Art, Fashion, Music & Culture

Intersect-Detroit is currently seeking submissions from artists, fashion designers, sculptors and filmmakers for its first exhibition which will be held on June 27th at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit, Michigan.  DJ Jeff Summers, a long-time Metro Detroiter and curator of the exhibition, will be spinning a blend of modern lounge, underground hip hop instrumentals, nu jazz, funk, neo soul, house, techno, and drum & bass tracks. 


I aim to create an auditory and visual environment”, says Jeff, “where Metro Detroiters may come together to enjoy a truly unique cultural experience — the fusion of great art and great music…bringing together artists, musicians, DJs, clubbers, dancers, and Metro Detroiters who are seeking to return to the roots of underground culture.”

Inspired by the legendary New York loft parties of David Mancuso, a disco DJ who invited guests to his NY loft to dance until dawn in the 1970’s, Jeff also has great respect for other incubatory clubs such as New York’s Paradise Garage (which was actually a garage in New York City), and Detroit’s Music Institute where techno legends Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson among others helped keep underground dance culture alive during the 1980’s.  Jeff approached the Tangent Gallery as a location for the exhibit as he felt the philosophy of the gallery matched his own as a DJ with respect to creating an organic environment where, when the correct elements were added, a synergistic cultural movement could be created.

Raised south of Detroit, Jeff’s earliest musical influences were the disco his mother played on the car radio and the jazz which his father listened to on the now defunct 105.9 WJZZ.  In his early teens, he first listened to hip hop and late night house mixes on 96.3 WHYT.  He and his friends would tape mixes on the radio and listen to them again and again until they warped and eventually broke.  In the mid-90’s, Jeff clubbed at legendary nightclubs such as Motor Detroit and Ritchie Hawtin’s 13 Below Lounge in Windsor where he gained first-hand exposure to the music he loved and would begin to collect.  Like many DJs, Jeff first began as a record collector.  After getting better day jobs he was finally able to afford a set of turntables, and began mixing in his basement.  “I couldn’t get away from that music.  My friends hit 30 and pretty much stopped collecting music, but I continued to listen to thousands of tracks and found nearly every track in those early mix tapes I used to listen to.  To me they are priceless.”

There is no doubt that the strong musical identity of Detroit has had its effect on Jeff.  “For me, the city and the music are inseparable.  I cannot hear certain tracks without thinking how they feel like Detroit.  I truly hope that this event will help facilitate the growth of art, music & culture in Detroit.  Even though we are in the middle of incredibly hard times here, I hope that Metro Detroiters come together and make this happen so that we can keep our artistic and musical culture alive.”

Intersect-Detroit: Doors 9:00 PM, Saturday June 27th.  21+ only, please bring your own alcoholic beverages. The Tangent Gallery, 715 E Milwaukee St., Detroit, MI 48202. For further information, artist submission guidelines and advance ticket sales, please visit or contact DJ Jeff Summers at (248) 996-2778.