Directors Choice: Obsession at Center Galleries

Directors Choice: Obsession at Center Galleries

Through February 28, 2009
Center Galleries

At the recent opening of Directors Choice at Center Galleries Gilda Snowden had an opportunity for a brief chat with Detroit “ art community fixture” Robert Bielat before proceeding with her usual tantalizing video peek at the show which is posted below. Vince Carducci say’s of Bielat: “The substance of Bielat’s sculpture hasn’t deviated much: mashing up disparate elements of the broken world has been his stock in trade for three-plus decades. Nowadays, however, it seems like everything coming out of his studio is a winner. This wasn’t always the case. Twenty or 30 years ago, Bielat could be wildly uneven in his manic quest to hold entropy at bay. The once angry young man has settled into a more measured grumpiness.”

“Take the psychobabble out of the term and obsession implies a compelling motivation or preoccupation.  “Director’s Choice: Obsession” offers work by six artists whose motivations are diverse but whose fixation on the curious trifles inherent to process and ideas is central to their practice (Sherlock Holmes, after all, believed there is nothing more important than trifles).  Whether it’s in persistent mark-making, a romance with materials, or an unrelenting conceptual investigation, the artist’s passion is, as the critic Vince Carducci recently observed, ‘what great art is all about: an obsessive-compulsive vision quest for creative nirvana.’  This exhibition, the third in a series celebrating Center Galleries’ 20th anniversary and my 10th as director, is a chance to re-visit old favorites, celebrate new discoveries, take the pulse of my current interests, and offer a playful take on obsession – the artist’s and mine.” -Michelle Perron,

There is still time to see the exhibit  Directors Choice: Obsession, an exhibition of work by select local and national artists chosen by Center Galleries Director Michelle Perron, including: Robert Bielat (Detroit), Martin Brief (Chicago), James O. Clark (New York), Larry Cressman (Ann Arbor), Michelle Hinebrook (New York) and Sally Schluter-Tardella (Detroit).

The exhibit is open through February 28, 2009. Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 301 Frederick Douglass Detroit. Call 313-664-7800 for information or visit the event page at the CCS Web site.

Robert Bielat in Directors choice: Obsession

Directors choice: Obsession