Artists Speak Out About The Housing Crisis

Artists Speak Out About The Housing Crisis

Home: Loving It, Losing It, Leaving It

May 6th-30th, 2009

The Gallery in the Duderstadt Center
Monday through Friday, 12 to 6; Sunday, 1 to 5.
Opening Reception: May 8, 6 to 8 pm.

alt textPat Izzo, “Memories of Home”

Having a house and home is part of the American Dream. Currently more people are losing their homes than any other time since the Great Depression, and Michigan has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Add to this the crisis of homelessness and natural disasters that sweep away whole communities, and we see a population in distress. For migrant communities, often less visible and sometimes here illegally, moving from one temporary space to another takes a continuous toll. Yet we are a nation of immigrants who never give up the urge and courage to move on.

What does it mean to families, children, women and men to lose their physical surroundings? What are the emotional consequences of being cut adrift? Home is often considered the “woman’s domain”. What does it feel like to lose that center of control, often a woman’s work of a lifetime? Is there a freedom in leaving everything behind? In the exhibit Home: Loving It, Losing It, Leaving It, artists deal with many of these pressing issues and others in a visceral and thought- provoking way, guaranteed to challenge the viewer.

“Home” is a project of the Michigan Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA-MI) WCA is a national arts organization which supports and encourages women in the visual arts professions. WCA is unique in its multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural memberships of artists, art historians, students and educators, gallery and museum professionals and others involved in the visual arts and has chapters in over 40 states. Part of the WCA’s mission is to encourage activism through the visual arts. In keeping with this mission, the WCA-MI exhibit will include an information table spotlighting the needs of homeless and underserved members of the local community along with an opportunity for viewers to donate to one of the homeless shelters or food banks in our area.

Juried by University of Michigan assistant professor, Larissa Larson, the exhibit includes entries from all over the country expressing a wide range of views on the subject of “Home”. Ms. Larson’s focus on environmental planning, physical planning and urban design theory lent a unique perspective to the choice of work included in this show.

The exhibit will be on display at the Gallery at the Duderstadt Center (previously the Media Union) 2281Bonisteel Blvd on North Campus of the University of Michigan. The show runs from May 6-30, 2009. All are invited to the Opening Reception, May 8, at the Gallery from 6-8 pm. Contact : Christy Kelly-Bentgen Phone: 734 -424-0206

Also at “Home” Escape/Return/Escape/Regresso by Margaret Parker