The Org Gallery Opens In The Russell Industrial Center

The Org Gallery Opens In The Russell Industrial Center

May 8th Through June 6th.
Opening Reception Friday May 8th from 6-10pm

Openings at The Cave & Detroit Industrial Projects The same weekend (see below)

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Detroit artists Ian Swanson, Chris Samuels, and Lindsay Yeo have banded together to open The Org Gallery in the Russell Industrial Center. They will be producing and directing regular bi-monthly shows of cutting-edge contemporary art from local and national artists at the gallery. An exhibition of recent painting and sculpture by artist and gallery director Ian Swanson will kick off the galleries inception on May 8th and will be on display through June 6th.

Ian Swanson says about his work: “Often I find myself searching for a fleeting simplicity or domesticity that has somehow been misplaced amidst routine information overload. Feeling lost in the hyper-stylized hybridization of technology, responsibility, and social activity that’s required to maintain the façade of normalcy and productivity. I gaze uncertainly at the comfort of cynicism and the challenge of optimism, engaged in a hypothetical tug of war between what was, what is, and what can be. Currently my work deals with notions of repair, utilizing impossible models of fictional structures; hovering in the space between the slickness of mass production, and the intimacy of labor and chance.

The Org Gallery is located on the third floor of Building 2 at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit,

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MI, down the hall from Detroit Industrial Projects. The show runs from May 8th – June 6th, and the opening is Friday May 8th from 6-10pm. For information email Chris Samuels or Ian Swanson at or

Detroit Industrial Projects will be opening “Thwarted Soul” by Diane Whitehead, the opening and running times are the same as the Org opening. The Next evening The Cave will be opening “Tropisms”, sculptural works by Graem Whyte and Zakk Berrozzini.