Artcite Exhibition Extended Through June 20, 2009

Artcite Exhibition Extended Through June 20, 2009

May 8 – June 20, 2009

Artcite Inc.,
Windsor’s Artist-Run Centre for the Contemporary Arts presents

“An Exhibition of Paintings of Exhibitions and Paintings” by Phil Delisle
and “Signs of Culture” by Adam Matak

Opening reception: Friday, May 8, 7:30 pm
The Artists will be in attendance

alt textby Phil Delisle

Phil Delisle makes bold, graphic paintings about painting and about paintings hanging in galleries. Not content to put himself into his work, he sets out to have his works collapse into themselves in a hall-of-mirrors effect that is charming and entertaining. Beyond the initial trompe d’oeil effect lies a maze of questions as to what gets painted, what gets recognized as fine art, where the subject is, and what happened to the artist.

“The works in my current suite are paintings of art gallery scenes with my paintings on the walls. These paintings reference their own status as painted objects. The works are shown both in the process of creation and as exhibited works. I have also begun to build up many layers of paintings within paintings. I do all of this with the intention of investigating the boundaries and definitions of process, subject and creator”. – Phil Delisle.

alt textby Adam Matak

Adam Matak continues his deconstruction of Canada’s art scene by assembling the best of contemporary Canadian sculpture in a single space to provoke the question: “What is Canadian art, anyways?” Matak “unmakes” the works of Iain Baxter, Brian Jungen, Shary Boyle and others by depicting simplified silhouettes of these works against a stark black background.

One reviewer has mentioned that it was as if the cream of Canadian contemporary sculpture had been turned into shoe logos!

Another reviewer asked:
“Is this show erasing other art? Is it painting’s triumph over sculpture?”

These simplified silhouettes, or “surrogates”, invite the viewer to look beyond the details of individual works to discover themes and patterns which connect them. To move beyond individual voices and identify larger conversations in contemporary Canadian art and Canada more generally.