“Change Unchanging” at The Spiral Collective

“Change Unchanging” at The Spiral Collective

Sunday, June 28, 2009 from 4PM–6 PM
The Spiral Collective

alt textYale Njoma Miller

On the covers of His recently published collected verses “Change Unchanging” Yale Njoma Miller is seen Pouring Libations. A Tradition that invokes communication and community. It invokes healing and reconciliation. It can rouse, cement, ignite and create unity while recalling the lessons of ancestors. These are things that were important to Njoma before he was killed on February 24, 2007 at 35 years old. Since then, Detroit artists, other community members and family have continued to gather in honor of his existence and to perpetuate what was important to him. On Sunday, June 28 there will be a special gathering and poetry reading at the Spiral Collective featuring guest artists Gloria House, Millard, Willie Williams, Aurora Harris, Freeway, Jessica Care Moore, Kefentse Bandele and many more.

Yale was a committed servant of family and community. He was a social activist from the age of thirteen. Written over time, the verses in “Change Unchanging” provide the community he cared about with an opportunity to share in his convictions, dreams, sorrows, frustrations and vision. Tulani Rose and Edna White have brought together a talented group of poets and performers to showcase “Change Unchanging: The Collected Verses of Yale Miller”. “Change Unchanging” was published in April 2009 by The Cultural Collective to benefit the Yale Miller Memorial Fund.

“Yale’s death is a devastating blow to the Detroit community and to progressive, family-driven people of the African Diaspora everywhere. I’m so tired of losing my loved ones in the streets of Detroit and around the country. I want to come home to read poems for the living, not bury all my closest friends before they turn 40,” said Poet/Playwright Jessica Care Moore before an April 2007 gathering of artists honoring Njoma. This echoes the sentiments of many who knew him. It is also the kind of emotion that he thought should be catalytic in bringing people together to contemplate the value of community and to share the spirit of “Libations”.

“Change Unchanging: The Collected Verses of Yale Miller” will be presented on Sunday, June 28, 2009 from 4PM–6 PM at The Spiral Collective located at 4201 Cass Avenue in Detroit on the corner of Willis. For information call 313-832-2477 or 313-833-6990