2 Evenings With German Art Rock Ensemble, Faust

2 Evenings With German Art Rock Ensemble, Faust

Krautrock originators present a workshop and a live performance
Monday, October 5, 2009 at 5:00pm
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 11:55pm
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD

Day 1: a workshop with Faust. Learn the “Faust method” and jam with Faust in real life.

Day 2: a performance by legendary art rockers Faust. They wrote the song Krautrock and gave the genre it’s name.

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Formed 1969 in Hamburg, Germany and considered the inventors of ‘Kraut Rock’, iconoclasts extraordinaire Faust are key figures in 20th Century music. In the early 70′s, along with Can and Kraftwerk, they re-invented pop music as a specifically European art-form. In their own studio they were able to revolutionize the whole process of musical production; they improvised with industrial noise, generated bizarre hypnotic grooves, indulged in shockingly willful studio-based collages, and dabbled with every conceivable musical genre, sometimes simultaneously. Every now and then they found time for a burst of satirical pop or waves of delicate ambience. Amongst those Faust have strongly influenced we can include Brian Eno, Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire, Test Department, Neubauten, My Bloody Valentine, Julian Cope, Sonic Youth and a host of Industrial and Techno groups. The music on their classic recordings has lost none of its immediacy or relevance – it sounds as if it was recorded last week, not last decade.

Faust has performed and collaborated with Nurse with Wound, Ulan Bator, Henry Cow, Tony Conrad, Pascal Comelade, and Jim O’Rourke among many others. Faust’s early outré experiments with studio techniques and their pioneering use of electronics have become a major influence on many of the most progressive acts of the 1970’s in Germany and abroad as a result opening the gates for today’s most progressive sounds.

The touring members of this 2009 US Faust tour are original members Jean-Herve Peron and Werner “Zappi” Diermaier, along with James Johnston (Gallon Drunk, Lydia Lunch, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and visual/video artist, painter and musician Geraldine Swayne.

Monday, October 5, 2009 at 6PM
Admission: $17.00| $30.00 for workshop and performance

The Faust workshop is open for both direct audience participation as well as passive viewing. Active participants must bring their own musical instruments/sound-creating devices. The number of “active participants” will be limited to 30. In order to be a “active participant” tickets must be bought in advance.

The workshop’s objective is the creation of an interactive, dynamic situation for exploring communication and exchange via live musical presentation, improvisation, and discussion, the ultimate goal is “liberating and enhancing creativity” as well as “reducing established patterns of control”. The workshop relies heavily on audience participation; the active participants are encouraged to bring small or pared-down instruments (e.g. no huge amplifiers, not too many effects pedals, etc).

The workshop begins with an open discussion between Faust and all attendees, which transitions into an improvisational exchange between the members of Faust and the participating audience members using sound-making devices/instruments. The workshop structure is fluid and open to the influence of circumstance and of each individual participant. The end result of the Faust workshop will be a completed piece of music, which has evolved from the collaborative inputs of all active participants.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 7PM
Faust with special guests Indian Jewelry
Admission: $16.00 | all ages

Legendary progressive rockers, Faust, perform in Detroit for the first time ever! Often considered one of the most “out there” groups of the 1970’s, Faust ‘s live performances are more than simple rock concerts. They are interactive, staged events; replete with projections, live painting, power tools and the inimitable sounds of Faust. The live Faust sound cannot be encapsulated, wandering from space-age, ambient drone, to one chord symphonies and psyche-rock infused electronica. Faust’s first appearance in Detroit promises to be a memorable and singular experience.

Performing first on this very special evening will be Indian Jewelry, an ever-evolving, psychedelic, electronic rock ensemble from Houston, Texas.

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