A diverse showing of 3D work from 3 cities

A diverse showing of 3D work from 3 cities

The “3 cities in 3D show will be showing at (SCENE) Metrospace through October 18, 2009

alt textby Lisa Truax

Featuring work by Detroit artists, Steve Coy, The Debt Collective and Vanessa Merrill, artists from East Lansing, Ben Clore, Janel Schultz and Lisa Truax, and from Grand Rapids, Dustin Farnsworth.

This show is part of two interesting trends happening around Michigan. More art shows are bridging the gap between one city and another, whether it's trading exhibits or intentionally singling out artists because they work and reside in a particular city and then become a sort of representative or ambassador for that area. The other trend is that there are multiple 3D shows going on around the same time this month which is a real treat for viewers who want to see more than something than work hanging off of a wall.

As far as this curator's intentions, I wanted to show a refreshing take on the current art vibe coming out of Detroit and give those artists a chance to show in a different venue away from the city. These shows for me feel like some kind of sneaky pleasure with asking artists who I adore to be in one place and be the first to see their newest stuff. I am excited when I see their works incidentally relate and speak to one another even as I am deliberately choosing artists for their diverse working methods.

If there had been more space there would have been 3 more artists that I would have brought out from the Detroit area, but there's so much still going on in the two other cities that Detroit artists will probably visiting them more than they may have done before. Grand Rapids is going to be seeing a huge influx of artists and visitors for the Art Prize which hopefully will match quality for quantity, but it's a sign that this particular city really embraces the arts and can boast a plethora of outdoor art and gallery spaces for this event. East Lansing too will be getting a new contemporary art museum which everyone is eagerly awaiting its construction and in some ways is beginning to parallel Detroit in the rise of noise bands, and their large warehouse style gallery, Basement 414.

So even if my friends couldn't make the hour and a half drive out, I think we'll be carpooling a lot more when all of our networking starts materializing into even more shows between Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Detroit and beyond.

My video overview of the show

(SCENE) Metrospace is funded by the city and this show was curated by Tim Lane and Cedric Tai. It is open on Thursday 2-5pm, Friday and Saturday 2-6pm, and Sunday 2-4 pm. It is located under the colorful parking structure on 110 Charles St., East Lansing, MI 48823.