Art Detroit Now: Alexander Gutke and Ann Lislegaard at MOCAD

Art Detroit Now: Alexander Gutke and Ann Lislegaard at MOCAD

Art Detroit Now October 2dn and 3rd 2009

Alexander Gutke
The White Light of the Void, 2002
16 mm animation, 4:3 format, seamless loop, length 1 min, including loop system, Ed. 4 + AP
Courtesy Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin / Ljubljana

Exploded View, 2005
Kodak carousel slide projector, 81 slides, stand, timer, 55 mm lens Ed. 3/4 + AP
installation view at Art Forum Berlin, 2006
Courtesy Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin

Lighthouse, 2006

Kodak carousel slide projector, 81 slides, timer, stand Ed. 4 + AP
Courtesy Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin

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Alexander Gutke

The solo survey of the Swedish, Malmö-based artist Alexander Gutke (b. 1971) at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit will present a focused selection of the artist’s film-based and slide-based works, offering audiences a comprehensive introduction to Gutke’s work from 2000-2008.

Preoccupied with modes of reproduction, self-reflexivity, illusionism and cinema, the work of Alexander Gutke could be characterized by a kind of mystical materialism. His exploration of these concerns moves into a variegated and allegorical territory whose many terrains include space and the void, animation and illusion, and the micro and the macro. Gutke’s meticulous and poetic sensibility is that of an unusual storyteller whose works narrate their own material conditions with a sublime economy.

The exhibition offers an opportunity to evaluate Gutke’s contribution to neo-conceptualism. The persistence of his preoccupations, as well as the complexity and metaphorical potency of his work set him apart from the more directly citational practices of some of his peers. If Gutke adopts and expands upon strategies initially forged by historical predecessors, he does so to explore issues that are both personal and universal with a depth and richness matched only by his work’s stark simplicity and hypnotic beauty.

Curated by Chris Sharp.
This exhibition is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, with special thanks to Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin and Culturgest,Porto.

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Ann Lislegaard: 2062
The Left Hand of Darkness. 2008. Three-channel video installation. Courtesy of the artist and Murray Guy, New York.

Entitled with the date when the artist will be 100 years old, the exhibition provides a comprehensive look at Danish artist Ann Lislegaard’s (b. 1962) extended investigation of the science fiction genre. The show comprises six major installations along with other works that explore notions of time, space, and place. In her work the artist employs sound and light architecturally to reflect on and investigate how we perceive and move through the physical and the psychological environments that we inhabit.

Lislegaard’s trilogy of video works, accompanied by sound installations and several site-specific sculptural works, unite elements of recent art history with themes rooted in science fiction literature. Lislegaard reinterprets these varied sources to create experiences within imagined places that lie firmly outside of logic and the habitual.

Ann Lislegaard: 2062 is accompanied by a catalogue, published by the
Henry Art Gallery, which critically examines the works presented in the exhibition. The catalog is available in the MOCAD Store.

Curated by Elizabeth Brown, Chief Curator at Henry Art Gallery.
Ann Lislegaard: 2062 is organized by the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle and is generously supported by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, ArtsFund, the Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, the Danish Arts Council Committee for International Visual Art, the American-Scandinavian Foundation, and the Scan?Design by Inger & Jens Bruun Foundation.