Art Detroit Now: Visit The Studios of 27 Working Artists

Art Detroit Now: Visit The Studios of 27 Working Artists

Saturday October 3, 2009, 2:00pm. – 8:00pm
Refreshments, Ample parking & Security on site

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Explore the historic Pioneer building, built in 1908, is a former factory converted to artists’ studios in the mid 1990′s, becoming part of the the trend to transform industrial space into vibrant artists’ workplaces in the Detroit area.

The Pioneer Building is collaborating with “Art Detroit Now,” a citywide tour of more than 50 art spaces October 2-3. For details about Art Detroit Now, visit the website:

The Pioneer Building is located at 2679 East Grand Boulevard in Detroit, one mile east of Woodward Avenue and just east of Russell Street

Meet the artists, Purchase original art
Suzanne Andersen
Matthew Breneau
Joyce Brienza
Loralei Byatt
Jenny Chope
Barbara Dorchen
Joan Farago
Anne Fracassa
Marcia Freedman
Joe Gohl
Christine Hagedorn
Carole Kabrin
Charlotte Weaver King
Denise Kozlo
Paul Kowal
Bobby Litwin
Gail mally-mack
Eric Mesko
David Mikesell
Sherry Moore
Corinne Pemberton
Teresa Petersen
Josephine Primeau
Victor Pytko
Shelley Richmond
Claudia Shepard
Sioux Trujillo
Alan Watson
Christine Welch
Leigh Wotawa