Call For New Work: Time -Based Video

Call For New Work: Time -Based Video

Detroit Projection Project (DPP) is considering time-based video installation pieces from local artists for exhibition. DPP has upcoming opportunities for projections at galleries, museums, as well as our main objective to project art on various buildings around the City of Detroit. There is no deadline and no entry fee, however there are exhibitions scheduled as soon as this month that DPP is still considering entries for.

Please contact for more information on how to submit.

The Detroit Projection Project is the ambitious undertaking by artists Steve Coy and Brandon Walley to display contemporary art to the general public of Detroit, Michigan. More specifically, DPP will redefine the concept of where art is displayed, removing the cultural and structural confines of the gallery and museum, by bringing works of art outside for all to see.

The Detroit Projection Project’s mission is simple, but its impact will be great. Bring the highest caliber of modern video art to the people, free of charge. The juxtaposition of the art and the physical locations will point out provocative issues such as the cultural and socio-economic climate of urban centers (particularly the exaggerated state of Detroit), modern advertising, and the role of contemporary art in these current times.

Look toward the Detroit Projection Project this fall to shine a new light on the cultural landscape of Detroit.