Altered Clothing and More October Action at Yes Farm

Altered Clothing and More October Action at Yes Farm

Wednesday October 14, 2009 from 6-8 pm: Clothing Collection
Sunday October 18th from 8-11: Rock Out!
Friday November 13th 7-10 PM: The Altered Clothing Show

On Wednesday October 14th- The Yes Farm is collecting clothes for artists to work with for the upcoming Altered Clothing Show. Stop-by The Yes Farm and drop-off your unwanted clothing so it can be transformed into wearable art- 6-8 PM Farnsworth and Moran.

alt textTwo Prong with Deep-Weirdo

On Sunday October 18th from 8-11PM- Come-out for a rockin’ evening with Two Prong, Deep Weirdo, and Tom Hohmann- it’s free.

The Altered Clothing Show will be held on Friday November 13th. This show will feature clothing painted on, silkscreened, stenciled- whatever- made by artists and available for sale one night only- there will also be live music and there are rumors of a fashion show in the works- this is what they are collecting clothing for.

If you are interested in submitting work please let them know- the deadline is November 10. They are also looking for musical acts. There are also some Art Nights leading up to that show which everyone is invited to. People will learn how to stencil, silkscreen on clothes, and make work for the show. More info on this on the website.

Friday November 13th 7-10 PM - The idea for this show is to recycle unwanted clothing, and to create unique handmade fashions. It will feature clothing that has been transformed into wearable art. Artists from Detroit and across the country will be hanging-up clothing that has been altered in some way. The main clothing item will be t-shirts, but jackets, pants, hoodies etc. will be accepted. The clothes will be decorated with silkscreens, spray painted stencils, embroidery, decorated with drawings- or whatever else people dream up. There is room for interpretation. The clothing will be exhibited one night only, November 13th from 7-10. At the opening people will be able to try things on, and buy them on the spot.

Since most people are on a tight budget these days this as an opportunity to find inexpensive new clothes that you can get excited about. As fashion is an inevitable part of self-expression, this is also an opportunity for people to create their own styles and to empower themselves by having their own voices represented.

All activities are at Farnsworth and Moran in Detroit.