2009 Actual Size Biennial

2009 Actual Size Biennial

The largest Exhibition Of The Season

November 7 – December 19, 2009
Opening Reception: November 7, 6 pm-11 pm

More than 100 Metro Detroit and Windsor area visual artists will show works in all mediums in the 2009 Actual Size Biennial.

alt textMyette Risker

Curated by Aaron Timlin, the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) presents this year’s biennial at CAID located near Wayne State University and at CAID’s Ladybug Gallery located in Southwestern Detroit.

“This is always a fun show and I look forward to it every time,” said Timlin who invited each artist to create one work in any medium, 2-D or 3-D, with the stipulation that at least two dimensions are 8 ½” x 11”.

Uniting three generations of artists, the Actual Size Biennial began with the detroit contemporary in 1999 under Timlin’s curatorial direction. Timlin curates the current biennial and the two previous biennials under the auspice of CAID.

“It’s interesting to see such a wide range of art on works that are

alt textThom Bohnert

relatively small. The show brings a lot of artist together in way that other shows cannot”, said Robert Brian Cronin, one of the exhibiting artists.

Participating artists include local and nationally based emerging and established artists. A full list is below.

The multi-media exhibition that includes, sculpture, painting, photo, video, assemblage and more will take place at the CAID and CAID’s new Ladybug Gallery in Southwestern Detroit. The exhibition at both galleries will open on November 7 and run through December 19, 2009. The opening reception on November 7 will be from 6 pm to 11 pm and offers an opportunity to meet artists and the show’s curator. The opening reception and exhibition at CAID and Ladybug Gallery are free and open to the public. Free on the street parking available.

Galleries at the CAID and the Ladybug Gallery are open Saturdays from 12 pm to 6 pm or by appointment. Groups and classes are welcome. CAID is located in the Woodbridge Historic District at 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd, Detroit MI 48208. The Ladybug Gallery and Studios are located in the subterranean level of the Whitdell Building located at 1250 Hubbard, Detroit MI 48209.

For more information contact CAID at 313.899-CAID (2243), or via e-mail at info@thecaid.org.

2009 Actual Size Biennial
Participating Artists

Susan Aaron-Taylor, Rico Africa, Diana Alva, Suzanne Andersen, Kathleen Arkles, Mark Arminski, Kiersten Armstrong, Alana Bartol, Anita Bates, Russell Bauer, Douglas Bedard, Robert Berry, Sharon Bida, Robert Bielat, Jeanne R Bieri, Sara Blakeman, Romain Blanquart, Thom Bohnert, Davin Brainard, Ed Brown, Sarah Burger, Sandra Cardew, Elizabeth Crank, Robert Crise, M. E. Croci, Brian Cronin, Mark Dancey, Sergio De Giusti, Joe DeAngelis, Amy Green Deines, Pam DeLaura, Darcel Deneau, Simone DeSousa, Barbara Dorchen, Lloyd Eddy, Andrea Eis, Gary Eleinko, Frank English, Kevin Ewing, David Flaugher, Steven J Fleck, Julie Fournier, Anne Fracassa, Marcia Freedman, Deborah Friedman, Lynn Galbreath, Marco Garcia, Stephen Goodfellow, Mary Ann Grauf, Maurice Greenia, Jr., Emily Gustafson, Christine Hagedorn, Anne Harrington Hughes, Michelle Hauske, Megan Heeres, Mary Laredo Herbeck, Scott Hullinger, Tom Humes, Robert Quentin Hyde, Heather Jarosz, Rodney S. Johnson, Dennis Michael Jones, Melissa Jones, Shaqe Kalaj, Ray Katz, Andrew Kem, Dawnice Kerchaert, Benjamin Kiehl, Candace Law, Faina Lerman, John Linardos, Nicole Macdonald, Cyndra MacDowall, Melissa Machnee, Gail mally-mack, Eric Mesko, Toby Millman, Monica Molinaro, Sherry Moore, Sean Nader, Lauren Nagle, Jim Nawara, Lucille Nawara, Oscar B Oscar, Frank Edward Pahl, Nancy Patek, Catherine Peet, Teresa Petersen, Tom Phardel, Cheryl Phillips, John Piet, Mark Piotrowski, Audrey Pongracz, Oneita Porter, Jo Powers, James Puntigam, Victor Pytko, Sharon Que, Kathleen Rashid, Laura Reed, Rachel Reynolds, Myette Risker, Phaedra Robinson, Mel Rosas, Steven Rost, Aleksandra de Sa, Helena Sadowski, Gary Schwartz, Mark Sedgeman, Shades, Claudia Shepard, Matthew Shlian, Bethany Shorb, Julie Russell Smith, Clinton Snider, Leslie Sobel, Deanna Sperka, Ryan Standfest, Dennis Summers, Jack O Summers, Don Thibodeaux, Bryant Tillman, Daniel P Timlin, Rachel Timlin, Wayne Tousignant, Vincent Troia, Sioux Trujillo, Robert Tucker, Vito Jesus Valdez, Rick Vian, Sue Carman Vian, Graem Whyte, Brian Widdis, Jean Wilson, Alison Wong, S Kay Young, Robert Zahorsky, Joe Zajac, Marilyn Zimmerman