Quick Bites From Prime Cuts With Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Quick Bites From Prime Cuts With Lisa Marie Thalhammer

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Quick Bites A brief Interview With artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer

alt textL to R: Ebony Dumas, Monica Bowman and
Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Q: What was the most challenging aspect of your installation?
A: Visualizing the installation from D.C. was the most challenging, but I really enjoy a challenge! Responding directly to an environment when the gallery space is fresh allows the imagination to really take over.

Q: What was one thing that surprised you about Detroit?
A: I was thrilled to find out that there is a major support network for artists in Detroit! For Example, The Kresge Foundation that awarded $25,000 in unrestricted fellowships to 18 metropolitan Detroit artists… That, combined with the space to pursue BIG ideas, really results in a place for diverse artistic development.

Q: You visited the Detroit Institute of Arts: what was most memorable?
A: The Diego Rivera Courtyard. What an inspiration after what’s been happening with my very own mural controversy in Washington DC.

alt textRainbow and Stars, 2009, Installation

Q: Favorite Detroit food spot?
A: Bakers Keyboard Lounge

Q: What was your defining “Detroit” moment?
A: When my fabulous friend and art collector, Veronica Jackson, strutted into Motor City Casino after The Butcher’s Daughter’s Lizards Live opening, laid three chips down on the blackjack table and tripled her money in three hands! It was Saturday night at 3:15 AM and the place was pop’n!!

Q: What is Lisa Marie’s signature drink?
A: Makers Mark and Ginger Ale

Q: Three words to describe Ferndale?
A: Charming, creative and rainbows.