“In Spite of the Evidence” at The Gallery Project

“In Spite of the Evidence” at The Gallery Project

Opening Wednesday Jan 13, 2010 through Sunday Feb 21, 2010
Reception Friday Jan 15, 6:00-9:00 PM
Curated by Jack O. Summers

alt textMelissa Jones

“Just the facts please” is what Jack Webb would say on the old TV program“ Dragnet.” Today the quest and respect for facts and information has taken a back seat to opinion, spin, distortion, misrepresentation and outright lies. Treatment of minorities, political positions, global warming, and health care are just a few of the topics that continue to be approached from the standpoint of fear and scare tactics rather than evidence.

Researchers claim that most humans will often cling to an idea more strongly when confronted with facts that might challenge a strongly held belief. This clinging to beliefs “In Spite of the Evidence” to the contrary is what this exhibition investigates and explores. Researchers claim that people can use “motivated reasoning” in order to confirm and bolster their false beliefs and will often seek out information that confirms their beliefs while ignoring factual information. Since most people do not like to be wrong or lose an argument, they can use contorted logic or select only some data in order to help them maintain and solidify beliefs that are not supported by evidence.

In order for our early ancestors to survive, the portion of the brain that can move us to a state of fear was developed prior to developing our sense of logic and reason. So fear is a stronger motivator than reason. There are many politicians who are aware of this and know how to take advantage of this fact when attacking opposing policies.

alt textTeresa Petersen

This exhibition explores and presents a variety of takes on the concept of “In Spite of the Evidence.” The artists represented are: Kyohei Abe, Amna Asghar, Madeleine Barkey, Jef Bourgeau, Rocco DePietro, Andrea Eis, Gary Eleinko, Brent Fogt, Mary Fortuna, Joe Gohl, John Gutoskey, Adrian Hatfield, Melissa Jones, Shaqe Kalaj, Cyrus Karimipour, Esther Kirshenbaum, Paul Marquardt, Paul McMullan, Sherry Moore, Scott Northrup, Frank Pahl, Catherine Peet, Teresa Petersen, Gloria Pritschet, Mike Richison, Stephen William Schudlich, Mike Sivak, Clint Snider, Amanda Thatch, Andrew Thompson, Vagner M. Whitehead, and Alison Wong.

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