Scott Hocking: Recent Photographs and Photo/Installation Projects

Scott Hocking: Recent Photographs and Photo/Installation Projects

January 16th – February 27th, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 16th 6-8 pm
at the Susanne Hilberry Gallery

A  Preeminent Detroit Sculptor/ Photographer at the Susanne Hilberry Gallery

alt textGarden of the Gods

“Hocking’s approach has always been a varied one, but consistently emanating from a deep commitment to making use of existing derelict materials and finding beauty in decay. He’s worked in rust – gaudily framing with the reverence of old master paintings, enshrined objects found in abandoned buildings, even constructed a pyramid of old tires. For the International Shrinking Cities project, he documented aspects of the lives of the scrapper subculture, and from his vast experience with Detroit’s abandoned spaces, he’s been giving unique Detroit tours to visiting artists…While Hocking maintains that his work is often motivated by irritation at something or other, it would seem it really stems from compassion: compassion for forgotten places and those things we’d rather keep out of sight, and hence out of mind.” -Nick Sousanis, Editor Emeritus-

Read more from Nick Sousanis about Scott Hocking here

alt textZiggurat

“I am interested in forgotten places, and things kept out of sight, out of mind. I spend a lot of time exploring my surroundings; hunting and gathering information, images, and materials. Some times images become the end product; other times they lead to site specific works and sculptural installations. Whether photographs, drawings, objects, or installations, my art is a visual response to being alternately inspired or bothered by what I find. I’m influenced by the past, specifically how humans interact with nature through history; Yet, I’m equally affected by current events. When I imagine how our time will be viewed in the future, I am both excited and frightened by where the world may be heading. I want to present issues I believe are important, inspiring viewers to question things they might have overlooked, such as ideas of learned beauty and/or ugliness.” – Scott Hocking

Susanne Hilberry Gallery
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