Free Screening of Food, Inc. to Address Detroit’s Obesity, Diabetes Rates & Lack of Food Access

Free Screening of Food, Inc. to Address Detroit’s Obesity, Diabetes Rates & Lack of Food Access

Wednesday, February 17, 2010- 7pm
In Eastern Market’s heated Shed 5

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EcoZoic Detroit, in partnership with Detroit Evolution, Eastern Market Corporation, and Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit, will host a free screening of the documentary, Food, Inc on Wednesday, February 17, at 7pm at Eastern Market’s heated Shed 5, on the corner of Russell and Alfred. The event aligns with the ongoing monthly Detroit Abides film series, and hopes to bring Detroit together to educate and mobilize its community on food issues. Detroit, a city of more than 800,000 people, currently offers less than 50 grocery stores, leaving many reliant on convenience stores and fast food. The Michigan Department of Community Health recently reported that 70% of the city’s population is obese or overweight.

The event kicks off Detroit’s participation in the Ingredients for Change Campaign, a nationwide initiative to address America’s alarming rates of obesity and other major health problems directly linked to our country’s food system. “Conscious eating includes processes beyond knowing calorie counts and nutritional information,” said Angela Newsom, of Detroit Evolution. “It includes knowing where food comes from, how it’s made and how it impacts the world around us.”

“We hope to leverage the impact of this eye-opening film by offering viewers the opportunity to connect with ongoing local initiatives which are working to address critical issues highlighted by the documentary,” said Ryan Hertz, of EcoZoic Detroit. EcoZoic Detroit was selected as one of 30 organizations around the country to participate in the Ingredients for Change Campaign, and will convene a range of related local projects to join a nationwide network of local, agricultural and public health groups working to increase the availability of nutritious food and improve their communities’ overall health.

The Campaign is a collaboration of Active Voice and Participant Media.
In addition to the film screening, this event will feature healthy vegan food, catered by Detroit Evolution. Following the film, attendees will have the opportunity to converse with representatives from a variety of community initiatives currently working to address food-related issues in the city, and will find out how to get more involved.

The event’s organizers are encouraging neighborhood organizations and religious congregations to help spread the word amongst their communities, and to also consider organizing transportation for their constituents to the screening. Organizations working on food-related initiatives are invited to get in touch to arrange for on-site education and outreach opportunities.

Food, Inc., the critically acclaimed 2009 hit documentary from Participant Media, Magnolia Pictures and River Road Entertainment, gives audiences a vivid view of industrial food production, a system that in the last 50 years has drastically changed the American diet. Scrutinizing our national agriculture and food policies, the film examines why soda and fast food are now significantly cheaper and more accessible then fresh fruits and vegetables, and how this change has directly contributed to soaring rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems. For more information, visit