Robert Wilbert: Teacher, Mentor, Friend at The Scarab Club

Robert Wilbert: Teacher, Mentor, Friend at The Scarab Club

February 17th-March 28th, 2010

Reception:  Friday, February 19th   6-9 pm
Beam Signing at 7:30 pm

alt textNancy, Oil on canvas by Robert Wilbert

The Scarab Club will be hosting an exhibition honoring Robert Wilbert, Professor Emeritus, Wayne State University. The exhibition will include a limited number of portraits by Wilbert, as well as works by former students.

Few individuals in our community are held in so high regard as Wilbert, as both an artist and educator. In nearly forty years at Wayne he influenced countless artists who have gone on to establish their own careers in this area and beyond. His impact as an artist, teacher, mentor and friend continues to be an important factor in the community today.

In recognition of Wilbert’s significant and lasting contributions to the arts community the Scarab Club is honored to invite him to add his name to its historic beams.

Participating Artists:
Mary Ann Aitken,  Mary Aro,   Anita Baxter,  Jeanne Bieri, Larry Blovits,  Holly, Branstner, Betty Brownlee,  Doug Bulka, Jim Chatelain,  John Corbin,  Sergio, DeGiusti,   Carl Demeulenaere, Gary Eleinko,  Brian Fekete, Ed Fraga,  Marcia Freedman, Michael Jackson,   Douglas James,  Carole Kabrin,   Lila Kadaj, Aviva Kramer, Donald Mendelson, Michael Luchs,   Julie Seregny Mahoney,   Michael Mahoney, Eric Mesko, Nancy Mitchnick, Nancy Mitter,  Marian Mudie, Dennis Orlowski,   Sybil Oshinsky,  Ellen Phelan,   Jo Powers, James Pujdowski,   Carol Pylant, Sheree Rensel, John Rowland, Julie Sabit, Yolanda Sharpe,  Claudia Shepard,   Joel Silvers , Gilda Snowden, Tricia Soderberg,  Mary Stephenson, Charles Trewern, Rick Vian,  Christine Welch,  Shirley Woodson.

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