Patterns and Textures at Swords Into Plowshares

Patterns and Textures at Swords Into Plowshares

March 6 – April 17, 2010
Opening Reception: 1~4pm Saturday, March 6
Closing Reception: 1~4pm Saturday, April 17

Carol Cook Reid & Dolores Slowinski
(with poems by Christine Monhollen)

alt textClaustrophobia, 1997, oilpastel, Slowinski.

Pathway Patterns, by Carol Reid, is an evolving, interactive installation where visitors are invited to participate by adding parts to extend and connect fragments of patterns collected from 12 community groups into one integrated community pattern. It is many hands at many locations working together to make one piece.

Dolores Slowinski’s drawings in oil pastel, hand-felted wool, and thread as well as her hand-felted wool forms and collaged structures are many pieces created by one pair of hands in the quiet of one studio.

The collaboration between Slowinski and Christine Monhollen is still another approach. Slowinski created the structures, photographed them and sent the images to Monhollen together with detailed notes of what prompted their

alt textCass Tech High School students participating in
Pathway Patterns

creation. Monhollen assimilated the notes, reflected on her own life experiences, and wrote poems that are abstract, crystalline distillations of the emotions that gave rise to the structures. The structures and poems come together in the gallery and in a book.

Patterns and Textures is an exhibition that invites the visitor to participate, look, or reflect.

Gallery hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 11:00-3:00 or by appointment

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