URGENT CASTING: Male/ late 30’s to 50’s /Ann Arbor / Rehearsals Underway!

URGENT CASTING: Male/ late 30’s to 50’s /Ann Arbor / Rehearsals Underway!

Searching for an actor for Sir Willful Witwoud in The Way of the World

It’s The Way of the World by William Congreve, the classic Restoration comedy. I’m the director. I’m tackling it as the story of Mirabell and Millamant, two arch-libertines of a society of libertines who decide to find a way out of that world. The character I’m casting, Sir Willful Witwoud, is a country gentleman who agrees to help Mirabell carry out the intrigues that will allow him (Mirabell) to marry Millamant against the schemes of Fainall, who is after Millamant’s money.

Here’s a good description of his character:

“Bashful and obstinate by turns, feisty and deferential when necessary, a country bumpkin with a good nature and a will to please, Sir Wilfull Witwoud, half brother by marriage to Witwoud, would be a wit if he could. He has come to town to look around before setting out on his travels and finds he doesn’t understand the “lingo” of the fashionable world. He serves as a foil to the well bred. In contrast to their studied rudeness and affectation, he is simple and matter-of-fact. Thus, he is an easy mark in the scheming game of matchmaking, but a cheerful one, especially after a long bout of drinking. In a show of generosity and an imposture of sincerity, he gladly agrees to marry Millamant as a last resort to save her fortune. However, he also dissembles well. His is but another actor in Mirabell’s clever ruse to catch Fainall and Mrs. Marwood in their deception and to lure Lady Wishfort into his harmless trap.”

Performances are April 15-18 (evening shows except Sunday matinee.) The cast is a mixture of students and people from the community.

It’ll be performed in the Kreft Art Center Black Box on the Concordia campus. The age of the character is somewhat indeterminate, but he’s not a young man anymore; figure him to play anywhere from late 30’s to 50’s. Rehearsals have begun; they are in the evenings Monday-Friday until the weekend before the show.

Robert Bethune
2401 Colony Court, Ann Arbor, MI 48104