Ralph Koziarski Returns To Alvins With The Luddites

Ralph Koziarski Returns To Alvins With The Luddites

Unpredictable and unplugged, The loudest acoustic band on earth.
Saturday May 1, 2010, 9:00 pm -1:00 am

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The Luddites are an 11 piece folk orchestra that redefines the image of acoustic music. The Luddites take their name from a rabble of desperate English textile workers who, in the earliest days of the Industrial Revolution, took to smashing factory machines in an effort to preserve the ideals of humanity and craftsmanship.

Today’s Luddites are no less rebellious, shunning electronic trappings and embracing all things wood. Equipped with an arsenal of stringed, skinned, and reedy things they play original music that mix-matches folk, rock, zydeco, calypso, klezmer, ragtime, and Bourbon Street swing. They are often silly, sometimes sobering, always very entertaining.

5756 Cass Ave.
just south of I-94 on W.S.U. campus Detroit.
$5 cover.