Stream of Consciousness Photo Blog

Stream of Consciousness Photo Blog

These are just a bunch of images that’ve caught my eye going through backed up photos, some at exhibitions, some outdoors, some new, some old. Two of these images are taken recently from the newly arted-out Kresge offices in Troy!

I liked how people looked amongst the work at the Cranbrook thesis show. Just look at those fresh shoes...

John Egnar's work from the Exit Detroit show. I imagine him shipping little colored wood pieces with instructions to build an entire house.

There were two pieces by Lynne Avadenka next to each other in the Kresge offices that I enjoyed. At first glance I thought it was a floor plan to where the rest of the art was. Seriously cool collection. It's on loan for 2 years.

You see? The light pours in from all the different windows and really seems to interact with the work. This one is Gilda Snowden's.

Speaking of Kresge people, this is a shot I took of a Charles McGee mural while riding with friends on the people mover. The people mover is still the most efficient way to see beautiful art.

Another photo while being a tourist in my own town, this one was in the Dequindre Cut, anyone know the artist perchance?

These are actually multiple pieces by Mary Kim while she had her work up at David Klein Gallery. It's all about the clean cuts.

I could have sworn I saw Matt Schlian's name in 3 different galleries in one month. This pen piece was at the Micro/Macro show at Marygrove College.

Another image from the Cranbrook thesis show. This suspended netting was made by Elle Jeong Eun Kim using clear rubber to cast a shadow.

I would like to start ending this photo blog with spoons (in large felt noodles?). Kate Silvio's solo show at Re:View Contemporary was one of my favorite shows so far this year.

I told Kate that I was going to write a review. I never got around to it, but I'd just like to mention that she basically told me that in being Italian, food is really important. Hopefully this image captures that.