sektr 1: an introduction

sektr 1: an introduction

  Sektr 1 is the name of an all media visual arts venue that has opened this June at the address formerly held by the non-profit arts group, “555”. Part of the initial mission statement seeks not only to replace the non-profit’s niche in the arts community, but to help develop overall the arts infrastructure on the level of the producer (artists, musicians, performers, etc.). To that end, it is the intention of the gallery admin to also provide affordable studio and workspace for the creative entrepreneur. There are now such rental spaces available for occupancy at both this address and our larger, multi-story facility, “4731” just a block down from the sektr.
  We are also an active arts exhibition space that specializes in post-modern and outsider works, provided that the work is both affordable to the common gallery-going public and that the work best typifies the style the artist is trying to convey.
  Sektr 1 Gallery, itself, is just a subsidiary of an umbrella organization known as Graffiti: Detroit, which houses this and other groups, such as “Workhorse Studios”, a recording house for indie and hardcore bands, and a theatre space for the performing and spoken arts, now in development.
Opening in June, we set an early agenda when we discovered, in the light of the Banksy debacle, a whole community of “unknown” artists now historically situated to reach out to the greater community, but for the want of mural-producing opportunities, to establish their rightful place in the art world. Sektr 1 gave this group, the underground graffiti artists of Detroit, led by fairly known taggers like, Sintex, Stori, Iges and Fars, a chance to express their talent to the utmost of their ability, without the usual anxiety of interference from the police. The results, in the safe, relaxed, and unhurried atmosphere, are completely phenomenal. Essentially, we uncovered an underutilized art movement in our city that is represented worldwide and has had a deeply social and historical connection attached to the outer world.
Sektr 1 has undertaken the task of providing wallspace and exhibition opportunities for this “outsider” group and is now in negotiation for a large “graffiti arts spectacle” to take place on the premises, sometime around mid-to-late October. Our current show features the work of the stencil graffiti master, “Sinister”, and will be available for viewing and purchase every Saturday night at the gallery, Sektr 1.

Contact: Bryant Tillman, Gallery Director

For info on rental details, contact Ric Geyer @ (313) 919-5980 or

Sektr 1 is located at 4884 Grand River, Detroit. Come to our saturday night soires at the sektr, featuring music and art…saturdays, 9:00pm to 1:00am. Lighted and secured parking

local taggers bomb the "Graffiti Bldg." as part of inaugural opening

sektr 1: Saturday Nights @ the Sektr